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  1. 1.6L EcoBoost development update

    We have been designing new camshafts for 1.6L EcoBoost in conjunction with Kent Cams and the first set of profiles were put into our new development engine along with new cylinder head portwork, which has been specifically designed to increase air flow whilst retaining gas speed and tumble. We spent 4 days at the dyno mapping the engine on the...
  2. Autosport International Show 2018

    SBD will be at the Autosport International Show 2018 at the NEC, Birmingham, Stand 8315, 11th January to 14th January. On display will be our XE, 2.0L Duratec, 1.6L EcoBoost and Suzuki Hayabusa engines.  The XE and Duratec will be running the EGAS/fly-by-wire systems. Also on the stand will be BigSkidz Racing Team's 1.6L EcoBoost powered Fiesta.
  3. 1.6L EcoBoost Development

    Steve, with Matt from Turbo Technics, have now run the first production turbo for our 350bhp spec 1.6L EcoBoost and as you can see from the graph, the results are even better-producing 355bhp and 351lbft torque at 1.9Bar, still using a completely standard engine from Ford with only the addition of the dry-sump system. You even see it produces 165lbft...
  4. Trevor Willis Wins

    Trevor Willis won the British Hillclimb Championship 2018. OMS (Various) - Hayabusa V8 From 2013 - OMS28 originally with 2.6L V8 Hayabusa, currently 3.2L V8 Hayabusa 2002 to 2005 - 2.0L 16v VX OMS 2006 to 2012 - 2.6L V8 Hayabusa OMS25  Trevor is the 2018 British Hillclimb Champion Full results, please see pdf. British Hillclimb Championship reports are available from...
  5. Malcolm Oastler Wins

    Malcolm wins Australian Hillclimb Championship 2018 OMS28 - Hayabusa 1300cc turbo-charged 2019 Season CAMS Australian Hillclimb Championship 201918 Aug: Round 7, Ringwood - First outright & best Formula Libre by five seconds, Quote from the CAMS NSW Hillclimb Championship Report 'Malcolm Oastler just plain murdered everyone… again. 'Email from Malcolm after his win: G’day Gents, Just thought I’d let you know that...
  6. Matt wins Lydden BSC Top 12

    Matt Hillam won the British Sprint Top 12 run-off at Lydden in the 2.0L XE SBD Dallara in 66.06s
  7. British Sprint Championship Update

    The MSA and Hillclimb and Sprint Association (HSA) are pleased to announce that the HSA will be taking over the organisation of the British Sprint Championship from 2019. Paul Parker has successfully run the series for 20 years but is retiring at the end of the 2018 season and the HSA, already set to run the revived Sprint Leaders Series...
  8. Rob Dwane Wins

    Rob wins Irish Sprint & Hill climb Championship 2018 OMS25 - HAYABUSA 1300CC TURBO-CHARGED Ger (Rob's dad) emailed us in October 2018, crediting Steve for his advice and assistance and also Jack in Holeshot. 'The OMS 25 uses SBD looms, quick shift kit, throttle blipper, 9A4, helmet beeper and new MBE Display, controlling Holeshot Racing's 1300 turbo Hayabusa motor.' Rob was FTD...

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