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Adaptor lead OBD to 4 way AMP Superseal
Adaptor lead OBD to 4 way AMP Superseal

Adaptor lead OBD to 4 way AMP Superseal


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Adaptor lead from OBD to 4 way AMP Superseal


This adaptor is used to link the MBE-MAP-KIT-3-CAN (MBE985) & MBE-MAP-KIT-4-CAN (MBE973) to SBD Wiring harnesses, you will need one of these to use our mapping kits. We've fitted the small 4-way superseal connector to all our harnesses because it is neat & compact and allows us to link & power other MBE systems together.
If you have this part fitted to your harness (red, yellow & black type shown below), when using any of our mapping kits you would need to buy this adapter.
Harness CAN connector
The connector shown below is an OBD2 connector, this is a standard connector used by all production cars since about 2006. It normally used within the drivers compartment for diagnostics. It is also used by some companies using the MBE systems such as Cosworth, Caterham & a few others. It is not ideal for motorsport use or use within the engine bay, so on our own harnesses we use a different connector MBE-MAP-KIT-3-CAN-ADP3.  
OBD2 Connector
If your harness is not equipped with either of the connectors shown, we do manufacture a few other adaptors to suit some specialist harnesses, please email us a photo of your connector & a description of who originally manufactured your harness as this may help us to pin point what you have. If your harness has a connector of an unknown type, we would recommend you use this adaptor shown right LM9A4-OBD-COMMS.  

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