Air Box & Air Filter Information

Important Notes regarding Air Filters & Air Boxes

Read below before you waste all the BHP you have spent lots of hard earned money on achieving & throw it away on the intake system.
1. Never use Ram pipe sock filters of any type, you will lose between 20 to 60 BHP.
2. Air filters & air boxes are critical in design & should be tested on a dynamometer to prove losses or gains. An air box can reflect the engines natural pulses & give an improvement at some engine speeds & losses at another. But this can change dramatically due to cam profile, timing, exhaust manifold design & shape of air box & an air box that works on one engine spec probably will not work on another e.g. the usual scenario is a gain in torque at low RPM & drop in peak power. Please be warned we have spent Thousands of Pounds on the dynamometer & sometimes got nowhere.
3. Your engine works by mixing fuel & air, which is ignited to generate heat to force the piston down generating BHP. The hotter the air is when drawn in to the engine, the less dense it will be which means because it is already partially expanded the less it can expand when ignited, this means your engine is generating less power. So the colder the air you can get in, the better BHP you get out, e.g. for every 10 degrees of air temperature you can loss in the region of 5 BHP (we have recorded over a 100 degree in some intake systems in test). So yet again don't waste that hard gained BHP with a hot intake system.