LM9A4-RWD-COP01:RWD Duratec Injection Coil On Plug Wiring Loom

LM9A4-RWD-COP01:RWD Duratec Injection Coil On Plug Wiring Loom

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Rear Wheel Drive Duratec Injection Coil On Plug Wiring Loom

Due to the popularity of the Duratec engine, SBD have produced a wiring harness specifically designed for it. The harness should fit most installations whether front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or mid-engined. It has been made to fit the coil on plug version since the coils are cheaper than buying the older coil pack & HT leads. They are also neater with fewer components to go wrong & when used in cars such as Escorts, there are no problems trying to locate the coil pack. 
The harness is very comprehensive having built in relays, which are of a type that are available from any motor factors & the installation is made very simple due to the fact that there are positive & negative ring terminals that go directly to the battery & the only additional wires you need to install are the ignition feed, tacho feed, 12v out to the fuel pump & shift light wire (if you wish to use it). Although this makes the harness appear quite expensive, it is almost a plug & play item made in high quality materials.
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LM9A4-RWD-COP01 Rear Wheel Drive Injection Coil on Plug Duratec Wiring Harness


The relays have been designed to use a standard type relay available from any motor factor, in the picture shown you will see that they have individual terminals. These are used to prevent issues that could occur with vibration when relay bases were used. Each individual connector is self locking & the sleeve has to be pulled back on each wire to release it from the relay, this makes perfect vibration proof connection. Each wire is colour coded & you will receive a simple diagram with the harness to show the colours.   

Crank Sensor 

The crank sensor connector & lead has been designed to run down the intake side of the engine, then cross under the front of the engine to connect to the crank sensor. it is specially wrapped to protect it & bringing it down the intake side keeps it away from the heat of the exhaust system. Cranks sensors are available from us, SBD part number CRK-SEN-6.


The picture shows the connections to the standard Ford coils, if you are buying a new engine, they are supplied without coils. We have them in stock part number COIL-9-DIR. Please note: If you already have a coil pack & HT leads & do not wish to change them, you can use on of our normal off-the-shelf wiring harnesses with an adaptor. Please contact us for more details.

Coolant Temperature Sensor

We have fitted a mini-timer connector for the coolant sensor, this allows the use of the more commonly available & more widely used Bosch/Lucas type sensor. If your engine is not fitted with this sensor, they are available from us, part number WTS1.

Cam Sensor

We recommend the use of a cam sensor, but it is not essential as the MBE system can run without it. It can be used with our coil-on-plug harness, however some cam covers will need to be drilled out & a thread insert fitted as this does not always come as standard. Cam sensors are available from us, part number CM-DURA-SEN-1.

Air Temperature Sensor

The air temperature sensor connector has a two-way mini-timer, which will connect to the Bosch/Lucas type sensor. We normally recommend that this measures ambient air temperature as opposed to being fitted to the air filter back plate which normally suffers from heat stroke in most installations particularly rallying, sprinting, etc. where the car is kept stationary with a hot engine for periods of time. Only forced induction system must have the air temp sensor in the intake or engine where they are used for endurance events where the sensors are continually cooled by passing air. NOTE: A sensor, once heat soaked takes on average 5-10 minutes of running in fresh air before it begins to measure a true incoming air temperature. Air temp sensors are available from us, SBD part number AT1.
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