SBD Motorsport Events 2020

Matt Hillam and Steve are sharing the 2.0L XE powered SBD Dallara

Carole will be driving her Hayabusa SBD OMS CF04

Zoe will be driving the SBD 1.6L EcoBoost Westfield


Castle Combe, 18th July - Dick Mayo Sprint

Steve: FTD & New Course Record - 52.40s YouTube Video
Matt: 1st in Class - 52.83s
Carole: 2nd in Class - 60.18s
Zoe: 4th in Class - 64.57s New Personal Best YouTube Video
Steve's Report: Nice to get out in a racecar for the first time this year, last time I even sat in our Dallara was at Anglesey last October. The car felt easy to drive straight away with all the changes we had done over the winter. Fortunately everything that had been changed was definitely a step forwards, the new barge board design thanks to John Hughes seemed to work perfectly. John also advised us to remove all the gurneys for Castle Combe and the car was showing good top speed at every part of the circuit. The geometry changes Darren Warwick had given to us made a significant difference to the feel of the car. The car still had initially some turn in oversteer, which always makes me feel uncomfortable and power oversteer on exit, which Matt hates. However, we slowly adjusted the rear ride height and can honestly say the car got better throughout the day. Matt pipped me on the 1st timed run to my horror and broke my course record by nearly 0.7s. I beat him on the 2nd timed run by just under 0.1s. Matt had a problem on the 3rd timed run, which meant it was all down to the 4th and final run of the day. I managed to get a nice run in to lower the course record by just over 1.1s to 52.40s and win FTD.
It was great to see friends at the meeting and Steve Miles did a brilliant job in his 2.0L Duratec (307bhp) Van Diemen, he was also inside last year course record and was driving brilliantly, hopefully Alan Mugglestone doesn’t give him too much more training!
My thanks to John Hughes for designing the aero package, John Hansell at Fibre Lyte for manufacturing all the aero components, Alan Mugglestone for the set up of the car and driver tuition we have had in the past. All of these people have helped make the car and us go quicker. 
In lieu of not being able to give a FTD speech at the event, thank you to Bristol Motor Club, all the marshals, officials and competitors for making run smoothly as it always does at the Dick Mayo Sprint.
Zoe's Report: Castlecombe...Dick Mayo Sprint...first event of the season! 4 months later than we'd originally hoped the season would start so everyone was in good spirits to finally be back out on track!
We'd all anticipated hot, sunny weather so when we got there to it trying to rain; we immediately got the wets out and at the right pressure because, as all racers know, if you get them ready for use they won't be needed.
Practice lap went well, started with a 70.43s! Dropped my time down to a 64.73s on my first timed run - 1 second lower than my time for the same event last year! 
During the day, the sun started to peek its way out through the clouds! Unfortunately, the ever reliable ice cream man who is always there (even in March) was unable to be there with the social distancing in place!
My fastest time of the day was 64.57s which I'm pleased with as I achieved my aim of beating my time from last year! 
Car handled extremely well allowing me to reach 132mph over Avon Rise; thanks to all the hard work Steve put into the car outside of working hours during those lockdown months!
Finished the day as 16th out of 112 competitors which I am very happy about.
Pictures thanks to Steve Kilvington
Castle Combe July 2020 - Steve BroughtonCastle Combe July 2020 - Zoe Kingham

Goodwood, 1st August - Eagle Sprint

Steve: FTD & New Course Record - 72..63s YouTube Video
Matt: 2nd Overall - 73.08s
Zoe: Fastest Lady, 4th in Class - 97.40s
Steve's Report: Brighton & Hove Motor Club’s Eagle Sprint last year was the last time we were at Goodwood, so it was nice to be back. We had made a few more subtle changes to the set up since Castle Combe, as usual I let Matt go first because he is always steady on his first go and came back saying the car just felt fantastic and would be able to go much faster next time. 
I use the first corner Magdwick as a gauge as to how well the car is going to handle on the rest of the circuit with its double apex and undulation as you head towards the second apex. The car is a huge step forwards over last year as we already knew from Castle Combe. It was still not perfect because I could tell from the change in feedback over the undulation, but I knew that I would then be able to take No Name flat out. The feeling through No Name was completely planted and was just amazing. The car didn’t even move, I even had the option to change direction slightly in mid corner at about 155mph whilst braking and turning into St Marys! The rest of the circuit was also much easier to drive with the improvements. On first practice, I have already unofficially gone under the lap record with 73.43s.
Timed run 1, I was confident that I was going to be faster easily, but ended up be a tenth slower. Matt went out and was 0.03s faster than me. After looking at the data with Matt, you could tell that his lighter weight giving him an advantage of acceleration, but I was still quicker through No Name, so I knew I had to do a really good job to beat him. T2 was a much better lap and hoped I had done enough to beat Matt as he normally improved with each run. I had made a small camber change to the rear and definitely felt the car was even more stable. Still not quite flat through Magdwick, but it was enough to get 72.63s, which was almost 2 seconds inside the my record from last year. Matt was a bit slower on this run so it was all to go for in the 3rd and final run. I must admit I relaxed slightly and made a few mistakes, it was still a 73s run, Matt managed to improve to 73.08s but not quite quick enough. What a day, the car was great to drive thoughout. Our thanks to Brighton and Hove Motor Club for putting a well organised event as always.
It was great to see Steve Miles there, I had done a few updates to his software and maps, unfortunately Steve hadn’t been to Goodwood for about 10 years so was quite rusty. He was also having problems with the noise meters, which was off putting. For the final run, he had made another adjustment to his silencer deflector and managed to get round without tripping any of the noise meters and started to get to grips with the circuit again and get some good times. Hopefully Steve can come back and do some more Goodwood events next year and it can be a good fight.
We had been working on the car for 5 years and every time we improved the corner speed by increasing the downforce, we had also increased straight line drag so the net result was, it was faster round the corners but slower down the straights and Goodwood is one of the few circuits, that has the perfect balance of corners and straights that means that you effective go no faster unless you can reduce the drag when downforce is increased. All this is thanks to John Hughes, we are now picking up more top speed with reduced drag yet increasing the downforce at the same time. With the subtle improvements in the geometry set up, we are able to get more and more from the Pirelli tyres.