SBD Motorsport Events 2007

Steve was driving Peter Hayter's 2.0L XE Westfield this season

Dick & Carole will be driving the SBD 2.0L Duratec Westfield

Lydden, 7 Apr
Steve - 1st in Class 75.04 seconds
Dick - 3rd in Class 77.55 seconds
Reproduced by kind permission of Speedscene, written by Jerry Sturman
'British Sprint ace Steve Broughton made no mistakes in a sports libre division which proved something of a benefit for the two SBD Westfields. He stormed to the win & fifth FTD. co-driver Peter Hayter following him home for second (and sixth FTD) while Dick Hulbert (seventh FTD) and Carole Torkington rounded off the top four in the other works car.'  
Curborough, 5 May
Steve - 1st in Class, 2nd Overall 56.63 seconds 
Bent Waters, 6 May
Unfortunately the propshaft failed on Carole's 1st timed run, although Dick got 3rd in Class from his 1st run. 
Pembrey, 2 June
Steve - 1st in Class 107.46 seconds
Pembrey, 3 June
Steve - 1st in Class, 13th Overall (missing the top 12 run off by 0.01 second) 46.85 seconds, Class Record
Abingdon, 9 June
Dick - 1st in Class, 2nd Overall - 42.42 secs, 47.42 secs Combined 89.84 seconds, Dick holds class records for both circuits 
Curborough Westfield Weekend, 23/24 June
Steve - 1st in Class 30.65 seconds
Castle Combe, 30 June
Dick - 2nd in Class - 87.75 seconds 
MIRA, 14 July
Dick - 1st in Run off & 1st in Class - 48.10 seconds 
Carole - 2nd in Class - 53.64 seconds 
Hethel, 5 Aug
Dick - 3rd in Class - 69.44 seconds 
Curborough, 11 Aug
Steve - 1st in Class, 2nd Overall 54.92 seconds  
Dick - 3rd in Class, 4th Overall - 55.76 seconds 
Carole - Ladies FTD 60.93 seconds 
Colerne, 27 Aug
Dick - 2nd in Class - 75.23 seconds 
Brighton, 8 Sept
Steve - 2nd in Class 10.65 secs, 3rd top 6 run-off
Dick - 3rd in Class - 10.68 secs, 5th top 6 run-off 
Carole - 4th in Class - 11.72 seconds
SBD Motorsport had a very successful Brighton Speed Trials with Peter Hayter, Steve Broughton & Dick Hulbert all qualifying for the Top 6 Run-off, as well as all breaking the class record on the 2nd timed run. 
Road going & Modified Production Car Class - top 5 places to SBD powered cars  
1st    Peter Hayter 2.0L XE Westfield 10.56s New Class Record 
2nd  Steve Broughton 2.0L XE Westfield 10.65s 
3rd   Dick Hulbert 2.0L Duratec Westfield 10.68s 
4th   Carole Torkington 2.0L Duratec Westfield 11.72s 
5th   Paul Deslandes 2.0L XE Caterham 12.56s 
Lydden, 6 Oct
Dick - 2nd in Class - 73.93 seconds 
Steve - 3rd in Class - 74.09 seconds 
Steve at Pembrey, June 2007. Picture: Steve Wilkinson
Steve at Pembrey, June 2007
Carole at Lydden, April 2007. Picture: Kim Broughton
Carole at Lydden, April 2007
Dick at Lydden, October 2007. Picture: Kim Broughton
Dick at Lydden, October 2007