SBD Motorsport Events 2005

Kim & Steve were sharing the Hayabusa powered SBD OMS this season.

Dick & Carole were sharing the 1.7L Vauxhall powered SBD Westfield

Croft, 28 Mar
Steve qualified 6th in the Top 12 run-off, unfortunately the chain broke on the start line & there was not enough time to change it.
Rushmoor Arena, 10 April
Dick - 1st in Class, 2nd Overall 53.71s 
Longcross, 17 April
Dick - 2nd in Class, but broke the gear linkage before the 3rd timed run. 
Goodwood, 30 April
Dick - 1st in Category E, 2nd Overall - 155.34s 
Carole - Ladies FTD 189.97 seconds 
Snetterton, 7 May
Steve - 1st in British Sprint Top 12 Run Off, 1st in Class - 62.85s
Excerpt from Motorsport News Report: 'Blitzing Broughton defies qualifying, Suzuki driver storms from seventh fastest to win at Snetterton - Series sponsor Steve Broughton climbed from seventh-fastest qualifier to take his championship victory at Snetterton last weekend. Broughton optimised the car's handling on his first run. It was glued to the road through the Esses and Bombhole where puddles caused several spinners.'
Autosport Report: 'Broughton's Day, Steve Broughton won Saturday's British Sprint Championship round at Snetterton'
Goodwood, 21 May
Dick - 2nd in Class 94.71s 
Knockhill, 28 May
Steve - 6th in the Top 12 run-off 115.02s 
Pembrey, 4 June
Dick - 1st in Class 55.58s
Pembrey, 5 June
Dick - 1st in Class 57.55s
Abingdon, 12 June
Dick - 1st in Class 89.97s 
Anglesey, 12 June
We lost all the oil & had to withdraw.
Curborough Westfield Weekend, 25/26 May
Dick - 2nd in Class 32.45s 
MIRA, 16 July
Steve - 5th in the Top 12 run-off, 1st in Class 44.40s
Dick - 1st in Class 47.98s 
Longcross, 17 July
Dick - FTD 
Colerne, 29 Aug
Steve - 5th in the Top 12 run-off 68.84s
Dick - 1st in Class 79.95s 
Carole - 2nd in Class 92.01s 
Aintree, 3 Sept
Steve - 5th in the Top 12 run-off, 1st in Class, New Class Record 42.25s
Brighton, 10 Sept
Dick - 1st in Class 10.87s New Class Record
Carole - 4th in Class 12.39s 
Lydden, 17 Sept
Broken Gear Box 
Three Sisters, 1 Oct
Steve - 2nd in the Top 12 run-off, 1st in Class 45.01s
Lydden, 29 Oct
Steve - 1st in Class 82.05s 
Garry Dickson in our Westie - 1st in Class 85.76s 
Dick - 2nd in Class 86.52s
Steve winning the British Sprint Championship Top 12 Run-off at Snetterton, May 2005. Picture:Steve Wilkinson
Steve at Snetterton, May 2005
Kim at Three Sisters, October 2005. Picture:'whatnonegatives'
Kim at Three Sisters, October 2005
Carole at Goodwood, April 2005. Picture:Steve Wilkinson
Carole at Goodwood, April 2005
Dick at Goodwood, April 2005. Picture: Dave Wooloff
Dick at Goodwood, April 2005