SBD Westfield - 1.6L EcoBoost

SBD Westfield - 1.6L EcoBoost

The SBD 1.6L EcoBoost Westfield is being driven by a few drivers depending on the event, they include Steve, Matt and our newest driver Zoe Kingham.

Events 2019

Goodwood, 11th May
Steve: 3rd Overall, 1st in Class - 84.38s
Zoe: 2nd in Class, Fastest Lady - 88.74s
Steve’s first go in the Westfield for about a year, the car feels much smoother with all the updates with a better feel with the new Pirelli tyres fitted. It was a cool start to the day and he had to dial himself back into a different style of driving from the SBD Dallara. The car was already quick being fastest in class after practice, as the day warmed up and Steve got more comfortable in the car, he made small adjustments to the settings. The car was quicker again on each run, although it wasn’t until the final run when the temperatures had warmed and Steve was beginning to remember how to drive a Westfield, that he really got comfortable in the car. We will be making a few adjustments to the car before Blyton, so it should be quicker again for Zoe and Chris Jones.
Zoe's quote after her first time competing at Goodwood : 'Only went and came 2nd in class (Steve was 1st) AND fastest lady of the day at Goodwood today
Practice: 102.41
Timed run 1: 95.56
Timed run 2: 95.12
Timed run 3: 88.74
Already looking forward to Blyton this coming weekend'
Castle Combe 23 March
Chris Jones was sharing our Westfield, he qualified for the Top 12, achieving a new BSC Class Record - 128.78s YouTube Video

Events 2018

Lydden 14 July
Zoe drove the Westfield on her own at this event and improved steadily throughout the day winning class with 82.57s
Snetterton 23/24 June
The SBD 1.6L EcoBoost Westfield had a good Saturday at Snetterton with Matt winning class in 93.32s and Zoe improving her time by 13s to 104.44s. On Sunday, we were testing some different boost settings, we are still struggling to get the power down on to the track, which is causing a few handling issues at the moment, so we had to revert back to reduced boost. Unfortunately a boost pipe blew off, but it was repaired in the paddock. Zoe pictured below at Snetterton, courtesy of Kim Broughton.
Zoe at Snetterton, June 2018
This was the first time Steve had driven the SBD 1.6L EcoBoost Westfield since a few laps at Llandow, we had changed the spring rate significantly on the rear of the car but hadn’t had time to cornerweight it. Justyn Potter from Aurok agreed to come along to Abingdon. The car was lacking in grip for the first few runs but slowly adjustments were made to the settings including the brake bias and the car got improved. It wasn’t actually until the final run of the day that we started to get very comfortable & were able to put a lot more of the power down. Steve won the class, Zoe improved again throughout the day and got within of 10 seconds of Steve’s time on Abingdon course. Steve photographed below off the start line of the Bentley course, courtesy of Kim Broughton.
Steve off the start line at Abingdon, June 2018
Pembrey 2/3June
The SBD 1.6L EcoBoost Westfield ran faultlessy all weekend, with Matt winning class both days. Zoe enjoyed her first event & improved her time over the weekend by 31.26s! We are continuing to improve the suspension settings so the power can be put to the ground, the next event is at Abingdon on Saturday where the car will be shared by Steve & Zoe. Matt photographed below, courtesy of Kim Broughton
Matt Hillam at Pembrey, June 2018

May 2018

We had a successful day at Llandow testing the SBD 1.6L EcoBoost Westfield. Steve, Matt, Carole, Craig and our newest driver Zoe all went out on track to put it though its paces. The Westie will be out at Pembrey Summer Sprint with Zoe driving both days and sharing with either Steve or Matt, who are also driving the SBD XE Dallara. So a busy weekend is forecast!

March 2018

The SBD Westfield went to Simon at Sileck Motorsport Wiring to have the full chassis harness finished and 1st time fire up, our thanks to Simon who worked all of Saturday and into Sunday to finish it.
SBD 1.6L EcoBoost Westfield wiring

February 2018

Steve has spent many days over the last 2 years at DTW Engines, running the 1.6L EcoBoost engine on the dyno to test the turbos developed by Turbo Technics and to fine tune the mapping and strategies in the MBE9A6 DI ECU. The first production turbo for the 1.6L EcoBoost 350bhp spec kit has now been fitted to the Westfield. You can see the ceramic coating, which is an optional extra. In testing we have found the ceramic coating helps to heat up quicker and retain heat, this means that boost is achieve sooner due to the fact that the turbo is up to temperature.
1.6L EcoBoost, SBD/Turbo Technics turbo1.6L EcoBoost, SBD/Turbo Technics turbo
1.6L EcoBoost 355bhp graph

April/June 2017

Steve built up the gearbox actuator assembly and mounted it on to our Sadev gearbox, he has fitted a larger than normal actuator due to the high force required to operate the Sadev gearbox. It was then mounted into the chassis of the SBD Westfield and coupled up to our 1.6L EcoBoost. It is a nice compact unit and fitting the ancillaries continued to further progress the build.

January 2016

Steve has been working hard over the weekend with Matt and Colin installing the first production EcoBoost dry sump system and bellhousing in to our SBD Westfield. The production version fits beautifully and the dry sump kit and bellhousing match together with engine making for an incredibly strong installation. The bellhousing is designed with a Ford pattern to mate to the gearbox, we are using Sadev box but could be connected to Quaife or Tractive type boxes however it needs to be a strong gearbox to cope with the torque of the EcoBoost.

August 2015

The engine was due to be run on the dyno in the next few weeks, to run initially in standard form and then with a redesigned turbo being developed by Turbo Technics for us. MBE have produced a motorsport version of their production car EcoBoost ECU especially for us.


We began building a new Westfield which was to be powered by the 1.6L EcoBoost engine, progress as you can tell was slow due to work load.