SBD Dallara - 2.0L XE

SBD Dallara - 2.0L XE

The SBD Dallara is driven by Matt Hillam & Steve Broughton in the British Sprint Championship. They also compete in some club events when time permits.

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Events 2018
Steve finished the season 5th in the British Sprint Championship (fastest 2L) and won the Racing Cars 1600cc - 2000cc Class.
Matt finished the season 6th in the British Sprint Championship, just 2 points behind Steve. The battle had been decided at the Anglesey Sunday run-offs!
Anglesey 6/7 Oct:
Sunday: We started off in the same way, Matt again was first to practice, it was quite a bit colder and was complaining about a slight lack of grip. Steve had again the advantage of slightly warmer tyres and was again faster by over 2s. Second practice Steve had the cold tyres and pushed too harder into the first corner having an excursion on to the grass! Still managed to post a fast time though. Matt went out with the warmer tyres and went fastest. Steve & Matt were swapping fastest times, Matt was far more comfortable in the car today and from the data would have probably been fast enough for FTD, but the brake pedal went to the floor on his fastest run, which mean Steve’s time was the fastest to win class, but not fast enough for FTD today finishing 2nd overall to Terry Holmes. We bled all the brakes though, Matt suffered a similar problem in the Top 12 as the first driver, Steve decided to take his run and pump the brakes up for each corner! He managed to achieve 3rd overall in the Top 12 (78.70s) even with the brake problem. Really happy with the weekend, the car was fantastic, shame about the brakes. The new Pirelli tyres have made a huge improvement to the car’s performance, thanks to Triple M Motorsport UK & Pirelli.
Saturday: Steve & Matt arrived with new Pirelli Ultrasoft tyres, we had made set up changes to cope with the slight change in diameter and apart from some software updates for the electronic throttle, the car was at it had run at Blyton Park. First practice drove first, said the car was very nice but on brand new tyres, he didn’t push it. Steve had the advantage of slightly warmer tyres, since this was the National circuit, it was straight line into a 100mph right hander, the grip felt incredible especially for such an early run in the morning and it proved to be the case when Steve was more than 2s faster than anybody else. Throughout practice and the timed runs, we both just got faster, Steve was more comfortable with the set-up, Matt was complaining of oversteer, but Steve didn’t have the same problem. In the timed runs, Steve & Matt broke the 2L record by a huge margin. Steve was faster enough break the outright course record and was FTD in front of the V8s with 46.14s. In the Top 12, Steve got pipped for the win by John Graham, but by only 0.25s, but he managed to break Craig’s Top 12 record, which was recorded in the SBD Reynard in 2014, in fact the record was smashed by over 2.1s. Just goes to show how well the car is going.
Blyton Park 8/9 Sept:
On Sunday at Blyton, Matt had been looking at the AiM logging and with the help of Nick Algar, had managed to overlay the run, he worked out where Steve was faster, which was usually at high speed and the braking zones and put the whole lot together for the Top 12 Run-off, took his bravery pills, Steve told him he could take it flat through fast crossover section and then went out did a 55.66s finishing 3rd in the British Sprint Championship Top12 Run-off.
On Saturday in very wet conditions, Steve finished 1st in Class & 3rd in the British Sprint Championship Saturday Top12 Run-off at Blyton Park Driving Centre in 79.27s
Steve at Blyton Park, 8Sep18Matt Hillam at Blyton Park, 9Sep18
Rockingham 19Aug:
Matt was on flying form yesterday at Rockingham Motor Speedway finishing 2nd in the British Sprint Championship Top 12 Run-off with 51.93s beating the majority of the Unlimited Class Racing Cars. The 2.0L XE SBD Dallara had further electronic upgrades with some new test software and has a new rear wing assembly built by Fibre-lyte to aid its handling.
Castle Combe 28Jul:
Steve: FTD 54.61s
Steve was driving the 2.0L XE SBD Dallara on his own at the Bristol Motor Club Dick Mayo Sprint as Matt was away on an all night cycle ride. We had made some geometry setting changes to the car & Steve had done some revised map settings to upgrade throttle response and overall performance of the engine. Everything worked perfectly during the day and despite the threat of rain, it stayed dry all day although very windy. The car felt good, handling was very precise, Steve’s 2nd practice and all his timed runs were within a 1/10th of a second. He would have liked to have gone faster but the tyres we were using were well over a year old and past their best. It was a fun day at one of our favourite tracks
Lydden 14Jul:
Steve: 2nd in Top 12 Run-off 66.69s, Matt: 1st in Top 12 Run-off 66.06s
Snetterton 24Jun:
Steve: Fastest 2.0L Racing Car, 5th in Top 12 Run-off 81.22s
Snetterton 23Jun:
Steve: Fastest 2.0L Racing Car, 6th in Top 12 Run-off 79.87s, Matt: 8th in Top 12 Run-off 81.53s
Pembrey, 3Jun:
Steve: 1st in Class 95.44s, 7th in Top 12 Run-off, Matt: 2nd in Class, 6th in Top 12 Run-off 95.18s
Pembrey, 2Jun: 
Steve: 2nd in Class, 6th in Top 12 Run-off 95.02s, Matt: 3rd in Class, 7th in Top 12 Run-off 95.36s
This was the first event and British Sprint Championship round with our engine upgrade, the 2.0L XE with internal modifications to the TP300 engine spec performed very well, it had stronger torque through the entire rev range and carried on pulling longer at high rpm. We were also finally able to test the suspension changes we had made to the rear of the car, they have given improved feel but unfortunately we needed a softer rear roll bar, which we hadn’t got at the event. Also we need a small increase in rear downforce to obtain perfect balance, which will allow us to use all the power of the engine. Both Matt & Steve agreed that the car is fantastic to drive and once the small improvements have been done, the car will go even faster.
Goodwood, 5May:
Steve: FTD - 75.72s, Matt: 2nd Overall - 77.83s
Castle Combe, 24March:
Steve: 1st in Class, 4th in Top12 Run-off - 118.24s, Matt: 3rd in Class, 6th in Top12 Run-off - 119.36s
Matt Hillam at Castle Combe, 24March18Steve Broughton at Goodwood, Regis Sprint 5May18

February 2018

The SBD Dallara has been be away at Hansell Composites having new aerodynamics designed and manufactured. John Hansell has created new ground effect tunnels and is nearing completion of the new side pods to further enhance the aerodynamics and efficiency of the new floor.
First sight of the new bodywork on the 2.0L XE SBD Dallara testing at Goodwood today

February 2016

Steve and Matt have been working on the Dallara over the winter break, the new upgraded engine is fitted with more horsepower and torque, now 300bhp and 200lbft torque. We have also added a heat exchanger of the same type fitted to Mark Smith's SBD Reynard to help control oil and water temperatures better. New software is always being created with added features, which has also been included. John Hansell has supplied us with revised aero components, which should significantly improve downforce and at the same time help to reduce drag (we have to do something significant to keep up with the aero improvements that Steve Miles and Naser Teymourian from Oxford Brookes University!). Matt has now delivered the car up to Alan Mugglestone to get the suspension set up again, this needs to be properly checked after Bill's excursion at Goodwood last year. Alan will then test the car at Blyton, hopefully along with Matt to set the balance of the car with the new aero and at the same time test a range of new products that we have been developing.
SBD Dallara 2L XE TP300bhp graph 
2.0L XE TP300bhp graph

December 2015

We stripped down our Dallara's 2.0L XE TP290bhp engine after 2 seasons of competition use, along with lots of testing during that period. The engine is in fantastic condition, the leak down was between 0 - 2% on the cylinders, the tappet clearances were still within their original setting range and in fact everything on the entire engine was virtually at the same tolerance as when it was first built.
This is the new carbon airbox that we have been developing over the last few years and testing on our SBD Dallara. It has a built in air filter and it has especially developed to help improve the performance of the engine, but also to help to reduce intake noise, which is becoming ever more important with the increased need to reduce noise levels. 
SBD Dallara Carbon Airbox

June 2013

Matt Hillam bought the Dallara in June 2013 and ran it at Castle Combe, Dick Mayo Sprint at the end of June. After that both him and Steve stripped the car completely. 
The car is running the latest MBE9A9 ECU which controls everything on the car from simply starting the engine all the way through to full control of the gearbox, including launch and traction control. There are no relays involved in any way in the car, simply pin to pin which reduces weight & simplifies the installation. Everything is controlled from the steering wheel. 
Jenvey have been developing an EGAS motor unit and we have been helping with the functionality over the past year, ready to sell as an option on our main throttle body kits. The advantage of EGAS means that we can control the throttle completely with the MBE9A9 ECU, adjusting its speed and position. This allows the engine to produce optimum response for torque and power when required, but also we can limit the amount of throttle for launch and potentially traction control.
SBD Dallara 2.0L XE engine
The original Speiss Vauxhall engine was removed from the Dallara & a new SBD 2.0L XE engine has been built with a new design of dry sump system and cam cover made (with thanks to Kevan at Racecar Warehouse and Colin at Insignis) and built specifically for this type of single seater allowing the engine to sit as low as possible in the car.
The engine has our high specification throttle bodies on it and a custom made air box has been constructed, which is a re-design of 1996 airbox to incorporate the latest developments. This has been done to help reduce noise levels with the ever increasing problems at some circuits. 
We didn't have time to run the engine on the dyno prior to the event, but we used the self-programming option on the ECU during the event. The engine ran faultlessly for the whole day, obtaining speeds of up to 165mph. 
The exhaust system has also been custom made by BTB Exhausts Ltd with 2 exhaust boxes to help reduce the decibel level.
The bodywork had been vinyl wrapped the week before the first British Sprint Championship round at Castle Combe. We then only had enough time to screw the car together to drive it up & down outside the workshop before setting off to the first event.