OMS28 - Hayabusa 1300cc turbo-charged

OMS28 - Hayabusa 1300cc turbo-charged

Well done to Malcolm Oastler winning the 2019 CAMS Australian Hillclimb Championship, this the fifth time he has won it in the last 6 years.

Email from Malcolm after winning the Australian Hillclimb Championship
We did it won by 0.02.   11000rpm in 6th exiting the final corner ; 245kph/151mph YouTube Video
2019 Season
CAMS Australian Hillclimb Championship 2019
3 Nov: Round 8, Bathhurst - FTD 34.88s and new Course Record 
18 Aug: Round 7, Ringwood - First outright & best Formula Libre by five seconds, Quote from the CAMS NSW Hillclimb Championship Report 'Malcolm Oastler just plain murdered everyone… again.'
Email from Malcolm after his win at Ringwood:
G’day Gents,
Just thought I’d let you know that we won the NSW Hillclimb Championship at the weekend.
I did 6 of the 8 rounds. 6 wins was enough to win it, with three new track records.
Thanks once again for all of your help and support.
Australian Championship next at Bathurst in November.
Hard to beat the Gould there, but I’ll give it my best shot.
May: Round 4, Mount Cooperabung, Kempsey Hillclimb- Malcolm was FTD with a new Course Record of 22.313s.
CAMS NSW Hillclimb Championship ReportMacleay Argos Report
13Apr: Round 3, Fairburn Park, Canberra Hillclimb - FTD, 36.24s
22Mar: Round 2, Bathurst, Mountain Straight Hillclimb - FTD, 37.69s
21Mar: Round 1, Bathurst, Esses Hillclimb - FTD, 21.71s
Malcolm pictured below at Ringwood Park, August 2019. Picture courtesy of Gears & Wheels Photography
Malcolm Oastler at Ringwood Park, August 2019

2018 Season

Well done to Malcolm Oastler winning the 2018 CAMS Australian Hillclimb Championship, this the fourth time he has won it in the last 5 years. Follow the link for an interview with him.

He emailed us in October 2018 following his win, included the picture below from Bryant Park:
G’day you Blokes,
Well, we did it again. Same track as two years ago.
My nemesis, and last year’s Champ, lowered my track record from 44.2 to 43.9.
But I lowered it to 43.1. That should keep it out of reach for a few years!
Little car was hooked up like you wouldn’t believe.
Thanks for your help.
Malcolm at Bryant Park, October 2018
Malcolm wins the first round of the 2018  CAMS NSW Hillclimb Championship season at Mantic Clutch “Esses” Hillclimb in 23.54s. Report on the NSW Hillclimb Championship webpage
Well done to Malcolm, winning R4 Mount Cotton Hillclimb of the CAMS NSW Hillclimb Championship and getting a new outright record of 35.25s. MG Car Club of Queensland Report
Well done to Malcolm, winning R3 Huntley Hillclimb of the CAMS NSW Hillclimb Championship with 20.14s. NSW Championship Report
Malcolm won both days of the Bathurst round of the CAMS NSW Hillclimb Championship in March 2017, with a new record on the Esses Hillclimb of 21.24s (NSW Championship Report) and on the Mountain Straight 37.75s (NSW Championship Report)

Congratulations to Malcolm winning the CAMS Australian Hill Climb Championship for the third year running, also setting a new outright hill record of 44.21s.

Malcolm won the Queensland Hillclimb Championship round at Mount Cotton on 5 June with 37.87s despite crashing on the third timed run. A full report is available on the NSW Hillclimb Championship website.
Malcolm, who won the CAMS N.S.W. Hillclimb Championship in 2015 & 2014 with his turbo charged OMS 28, took two back to back wins to go top of the championship points table at the first two rounds of the 2016 New South Wales Hillclimb Championship took place at Bathurst on 5th and 6th March. The two single day events were The Esses track on Saturday and Mount Straight on Sunday. They were hosted by Bathurst Light Car Club.
FTD on Saturday with 22.52s 
FTD on Sunday with 37.58s 
Please follow the link for reports on the NSW Hillclimb Championship website: Saturday, Sunday
Malcolm. Photo: Eileen Barlow –
Malcolm Oastler

Well Done to Malcolm, after two days of competition at Jack's Hill hillclimb Western Australia, he finished the overall winner of the 2015 Australian Hillclimb Championship for the second year running.

Events 2015 
7 Nov - Jack's Hill Hillclimb, WA:FTD - 43.13s 
19 July  - Tamworth Hillclimb:FTD & New Outright Hill Record - 29.11s 
29-31 May - Mount Cotton, Queensland:FTD & Outright Queensland Hillclimb Championship Winner - 38.30s 
12 April - Bathurst, Canberra:FTD and New Outright Hill Record - 37.49s 
Malcolm at the Mount Cotton Hillclimb, May 2015. Photo: Steve Johns Photography
Malcolm Oastler at Mount Cotton Hillclimb, May 2015
Malcolm, R2 Bathurst Esses Hillclimb 2015. Photo: Eileen Barlow –
Malcolm Oastler, Bathurst Esses Hillclimb 2015

Well done to Malcolm, winner of the 2014 Australian Hillclimb Championship. 

More information can be found on CAMS NSW Hillclimb Championship Facebook and OMS Report
Email received October 2014 from Malcolm in Australia who has a Hayabusa turbo powered OMS28, all the parts including an MBE9A8 ECU were supplied by Jack at Holeshot and we gave Malcolm telephone tuition for setting up.
'G’day Gents,
First outing, 5 runs, new outright record at Canberra Hillclimb was 37.65s (Gould GR55), now 37.45s. Should be quick once I learn to drive it.
Thanks for all of your help.
Best rgds, Malcolm.'
Malcolm Oastler OMS28, Hayabusa 1300cc turbo-charged