SBD OMS - Hayabusa

SBD OMS - Hayabusa

Bill sadly passed away in November 2018 peacefully at home, he will be missed by all.
Bill Gouldthorpe, RIP 1936 - 2018
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Bill shares his OMS with Carole from SBD at most events.

2018 Events

Castle Combe 28July:
Carole: 4th in Class - 64.87s, unfortunately Bill was feeling very unwell so couldn't compete.
Lydden 14July:
Bill: 10th in the Top 12 Run-off - 79.11s, Carole: 9th in the Top 12 Run-off - 78.25s
Snetterton 24June:
Bill: 89.03s, Carole: 94.11s
Snetterton 23June:
Bill: 91.20s, Carole: 100.46s
Abingdon CAR-nival 9June:
Bill: 93.25s, Carole: 95.42s
Pembrey, 3June - 2nd in Class 106.35s
Pembrey, 2June - 1st in Class & Personal Best 104.48s
Goodwood, 5May - 5th Overall 80.55s
Goodwood, 28 April - 2nd Overall 82.23s
Bill started the 2018 season with a class win 135.04s and qualified for the British Sprint Championship Top 12 Run-off at Castle Combe on 24 March.
Bill at Castle Combe 24Mar18, 1st in Class 135.04s
Bill has enjoyed being back racing this season and finished 1st in British Sprint Championship Racing Cars 1100cc - 1600cc class 2017. As well as competing in the British Sprint rounds, he has also competed at Goodwood and Castle Combe during 2017.
Bill at Anglesey, October 2017. Picture: Kim Broughton
Bill Gouldthorpe at Anglesey International circuit, October 2017
Bill has recovered from his treatment last year and is raring to begin this season's racing. He began with a test at Curborough in March 2017, where him & Carole Torkington spent the day testing his SBD OMS CF06 with MBE9A9 ECU, which controls the engine with electronic throttle/EGAS, traction control, launch control, paddle shift gearbox control which has been updated this  year from a total loss system to run a new light weight compressor with a new strategy to power the gear change.
Picture:Kim Broughton
Bill Gouldthorpe testing at Curborough March 2017
Bill, who has been having cancer treatment during 2016 and been unable to compete until Goodwood in September and wanted to do this event as his only event for the 2016 season. Super pleased with his day, unfortunately he blasted the noise meters and had forgotten to bring the bracket to mount his extra exhaust box, so was unable to do the 3rd timed run. He finished 7th Overall with 87.60s. He now can’t wait for next season and should be a lot stronger and fitter by then, so good luck to Bill for next season.
Bill at Goodwood, Sept 2016 (Kim Broughton)
Bill Gouldthorpe at Goodwood, Sept 2016

Events 2015

Bill finished 1st in 1600cc Racing Car Class in the British Sprint Championship 2015.
Picture below is Bill at Anglesey, October 2015 (Kim Broughton)
Bill Gouldthorpe at Anglesey, Oct 2015
For the 2014 season, Bill decided he needed more power and changed his engine to a 1585cc Hayabusa engine.  Once again he entered the British Sprint Championship and finished 1st in Racing Cars 1100cc - 1600cc Class.
Bill Gouldthorpe SBD OMS 1585cc Hayabusa engine
In the 2013 season, Bill decided to enter the British Sprint Championship, along with competing in a few clubs sprints, including getting FTD at Goodwood in June with 77.76s.  
Picture below at Castle Combe, Dick Mayo Sprint June 2013 (Kim Broughton).
Bill Gouldthorpe at Castle Combe, June 2013
In the 2012 season, Bill enjoyed his new 1400cc engine and got FTD at Goodwood in June with 82.01s.
Bill was out testing at Curborough in February 2012 getting the feel of his OMS with his new 1400cc engine, traction control, launch control to be ready for the coming season. Carole Torkington will be sharing his car at some events.  
Picture courtesy of Steve Miles.
Bill Gouldthorpe testing at Curborough, Feb12
Bill bought the SBD OMS with a standard 1300cc engine in 2011, after competing in a few events decided that he needed a bit more power!