Westfield - 2.0L XE

Well done to Mark Smith, Overall winner of Westfield Speed Series 2006.


Email received from Mark in October 2005:

Hi Kim, the report i promised you

It has become very rare these days to find a company that you can totally depend on, I have found that SBD reliable and Steve Broughton's advice and expertise the best available. What clinched me as a customer from other like companies was the attitude to go that bit further, whether it is advice on the phone, or engine mapping, or that last little bolt for added safety and reliability. 

The first SBD engine package I bought was in 1999, a 208 kit (throttle body and MBE management), which I fitted to a fairly standard new build Westfield.
I began competing in hillclimb and sprint events in the Westfield and Midland speed series, winning several class awards and was awarded the HSA newcomers trophy in 2000.
Having got the competitive bug I began to develop the car to gain that extra second,
SBD have been paramount in developing the car to what it is today, supplying 'of the shelf' parts that work and have proved to be more reliable than that of other companies, through Steve Broughton and his teams meticulous design, and high attitude to quality and longevity. 

Since 2000 I have upgraded the engine twice, to a 245 bhp, then to the current engine producing 260+ bhp inc headwork, dry sump. Latest spec ECU and lots of high spec internals!
Over the last few years I have modified the car from standard spec using parts developed by SBD on their own Westfield these include :-
 - 5.5 inch clutch. Ultra light compact steel flywheel and special starter motor,
 - Hydraulic clutch centre release assembly, mounting kit and spacers to suit.
 - Full stainless and carbon exhaust system
 - Bespoke steering rack
 - Complete front and rear suspension kit including geometry changes, rose jointed lightweight wishbones, anti roll bar kits, and upright modifications
 - Bespoke lightweight 'gun drilled' drive shafts.
 - Fuel and oil systems, all aeroquip and jic fitted.
 - All those 'hard to get' bolts and brackets

Westfield - 2.0L XE
Westfield - 2.0L XE

Some success I have had with the car include
 2000 class wins, HSA newcomer trophy
 2001 Westfield Speed series class B champion
 2002 Sprint Leaders Class 2B
 2003 Sprint Leaders Class 2B, Midland Speed Championship Class 2B, Westfield Speed Series Class D
 2003 British Sprint Leaders overall champion.
 Many class wins, and some records.

And on slicks!
 2004 Westfield Speed Series Class H, 8 British Sprint top twelve run off finishes, and 2 FTD's
 2005 Westfield Speed Series Class H. 
 Many class wins, some records and FTD's
 The plan for the future is to refine the car further, using SBD of course.

Mark, April 2006
Mark, April 2006

Thanks to Motorsport News for letting us reproduce the article printed on 19Oct05.

Auto 66 returns to Cadwell Sprinting: The Auto 66 Club held the first sprint in more than ten years at Cadwell Park last weekend. The club can usually be found at Oliver's Mount and Elvington Airfield but decided to give Cadwell Park a go when Motorsport Vision took over the track. Peter Hillaby, from the club, said: "We ironed out the little problems you get at a new venue as the day went on, but the facilities are first rate and we'll definitely be coming back next year".

It was the Modified Westfields which appeared to enjoy the track most, battling it out for the top three spots. Mark Smith took BTD in his Westfield Vauxhall, Nick Algar was second in his Westfield Hayabusa and Derek Hodder netted third in his Westfield Vauxhall. Algar said: "It's a stunning track, a real driver's circuit." Hodder agreed: Fantastic venue - I'm just pleased the Westfields got a 1-2-3." The last sprint event at Cadwell Park was in the early 1990s for single-seaters.

Timed to perfection: Mark Smith went on to clock the top time.  

Mark at Three Sisters, October 2005
Picture: 'Whatnonegatives'
Mark at Three Sisters, October 2005
Picture: 'Whatnonegatives'