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  1. Corsa A - 1.6L Vauxhall

    Corsa A - 1.6L Vauxhall Tobias of Auchter KFZ, France messaged us on Facebook to say that the 1.6L Vauxhall engine in his Corsa A racecar was still going strong, he had bought our dry sump system in 2012.   He also included a video of it on the rolling road showing 227bhp. View video on Facebook   Corsa A...
  2. Dallara - 2.0L XE

    Dallara - 2.0L XE Philip Egli, a customer of ours in Switzerland who runs our 2.0L XE TP300bhp kit in his Dallara finished 3rd in the National Slalom series this year, 2018. He also sent us a video of this years highlights. It included scenes which are mainly from Slaloms and from some hillclimbs in Switzerland and even an historical...

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