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  1. Mini - 2.0L XE

    Mini - 2.0L XE Email received from Joe, May 2007:   Hello! Just written a bit below to go with the pictures that I've attached:   Searching for big power in a mini is hard unless you go down the engine transplant route. I started off with a 1600 vtec engine and soon was on the hunt for more torque...
  2. Frans Verbaas, Verbaas Preparations

    Frans Verbaas, Verbaas Preparations Mini - 2.0L XE, TP240 spec specially designed for his application Astra - 2.0L XE Frans Verbaas, Verbaas Preparations is based in Oud-Beijerland, near Rotterdam in southern Holland and has been specialising in building, developing and running rally cars for over 25 years.  Steve has travelled to his workshop on many occasions to tune various rally...

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