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  1. Cortina Mk2 - 2.0L XE

    Cortina Mk2 - 2.0L XE Herbert Burrell's Mk2 Cortina with a Vauxhall 2.0L 16v engine fitted using our bits.   He started the conversion in 2002 and finished in 2005. He sent us the pictures in  2006 and it has done about 2000 miles.   
  2. Cortina Mk2, 1.8L Zetec

    Cortina Mk2, 1.8L Zetec Email received from Richard, March 2017:   'Hi Kim, Steve & the team Thought i'd drop you a line just to update you on my Cortina.  All is going well at the moment but i do need to contact you to do the final tune up. Over Christmas break  myself and my body shop buddies gave...

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