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Autograss vehicles
  1. Autograss - Suzuki Hayabusa

    Autograss - Suzuki Hayabusa AOP in the Czech Republic bought our Hayabusa dry sump kit, dry sump tank, electric water pump & slave cylinder.   Email received from Luboš in September 2010: Hello,  I bought your Dry Sump System Hayabusa. Everything is OK. At the European Championships in Nova Paka in July 2010 we finished in second place. I enclose...
  2. Sunbeam - 2.0L XE & Autograss - 1.4L 8v

    Tim & Josh Simpson Sunbeam - 2.0L XE Autograss - 1.4L 8v Josh's Autograss car is running a 1400cc 8v using our MBE9A4, loom and fuel system.   Tim's Sunbeam is powered by a 2.0L XE using our high torque 278/269 solid profile cams with accompanying double valve springs and Titanium valve caps, 87mm Omega 3 ring pot pistons and...

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